Note: This is no longer the current website for the Pacific Region Contest Board. Please check here for the current chair. The files will be left here to archive the 2009-2014 contest years. Thanks for the good times!

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Final Pacific Region Standings 2013-2014 CY, Past meets in the Pacific Region 2013-2014, NARAM-56 Contest Results, NARAM-56 PDF Results.

Final Pacific Region Standings 2012-2013 CY, Past meets in the Pacific Region 2012-2013 Contest Year

Final Pacific Region Standings 2011-2012 CY, Past meets in the Pacific Region 2011-2012 Contest Year, NARAM-54 Event Results, Final National Results 2011-2012 CY

Final Pacific Region Standings 2010-2011 CY, Past meets in the Pacific Region 2010-2011 Contest Year

Past meets in the Pacific Region 2009-2010 Contest Year

My simple guide on the forms and procedures to sanction your meet.

Useful contest rocketry links

NAR Competition Guide, extensive and recently compiled!

Current Northeast Region Contest Board

Old Northeast Region Contest Board -- more links about contest rocketry, Northeast oriented but still useful

Summary of contest events

The Competition Consortium -- more links about contest rocketry

Pinkbook -- the rules

Sanction Application -- all it takes to sanction a NAR Competition (send to me!)

CB-170 (contest entry form) -- each contestant fills out one of these (* print these for your contest)

Flight Cards -- each event needs one of these per contestant (* print these for your contest)

Point Awards Sheet -- fill one out with meet results (* print these for your contest)

Scale Judging Guide -- with this guide, almost anyone can judge

Contest Director's Guide -- very helpful!

Motor Certification List -- bring a copy to any meet

Contest Plans (compiled by Pittsburgh Space Command) -- useful plans

NAR registered teams use for verifying team information